Honorable President Park, Geun-Hye,


I present a petition asking you to grant a special pardon and restoration of rights for Mr. Choi Yul who has been imprisoned since February 19, 2013.

Mr. Choi Yul is a pioneer in the environmental movement in Korea and Asia; he founded the Korea Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM) and the Korea Green Foundation. For his 40 years of environmental activity, he won the Goldman Award and the United Nations Global 500 Award.

In the early stages of the Lee Myung-bak government, the Four Rivers Project was launched. Mr. Choi Yul was a symbol of the environmental movement against the Four Rivers Project and became a target of investigation.

As a result of a long series of judicial battles over four and a half years, Mr. Choi Yul was judged to be guilty. However, it is very hard to accept that decision, because there were many procedural problems with the public trial.

Imposing an unjust accusation and undeserved imprisonment on Mr. Choi Yul is a grave disgrace to him, a person who has devoted 40 years of his life to protecting the environment. His being in prison also will cause great damage to Korea’s environmental movements as well.

I cordially ask you to give a special pardon to and restore the honor of Mr. Choi Yul, so that he may resume environmental activities for Korea and the world.

Kind regards,